Moving again…

January 14, 2010 at 1:35 am (Uncategorized)

… But this time just 2 floors downstairs. I couldn’t move into my new room immediatelz cause the guy who was is there, moves out only on the 14th. So my landlord offered me to stay in the attic for so long. And I was really desperate to find a room cause it was already new year and I had to move out on the 4th. So this was kind of my last chance. And I took it. I stayed a few days in claudios room and then moved to my new room in Belsize Park. The first day in the attic was quite awful. It was fuckin cold, no heater up there, only your own body that serves as a radiator to warm up the sleeping bag. After a few days i got the nickname “The man from the attic” from my new flatmates.But finally I will get the room, I can’t wait for it. Yesterday I even slept at the university cause I didn’t want to cycle back 2o minutes at 3 in the night just to sleep for 6 hours in the cold. So I tried to nod in the computer room which of chorse didn’t work well. The cleaning staff woke me up at half past 5 in the morning. I’m writing out of my sleeping bag and I feel my fingers getting numb. I have to quit to warm them. Bye

My new Adress:

Gabriel Merli
78 Upper Park Road
Belsize Park
NW3 2UX London

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