For relaxing times, make it Sainsbury time

January 18, 2010 at 2:22 am (Uncategorized)

Here is a photo of my room. I still need a table to be able to learn properly. Until now I use the bed and its surroundings as my workplace.
My new flatmates are easy going and  quite international: english, lithuanian, french, australian.

One reason for the low prices at Sainsburys could be that they obviously have no advertising agency. Last evening I had dinner at a friend of mine. As dessert we had Sainsburys vanilla ice cream, 2 liters. My expactations concerning Sainsburys packages were not very high since I was used to the basic products which consist usually of an orange writing on white background. The ice cream wasn’t of the basic category so I could hope for more creativity. And behold, the product designer seemed to be very smart:

Why should they pay loads of money for some top-10-chart-newcomer who is, half naked, licking the ice cream with the tip of her tongue?

Why engaging some hollywood veteran for millions of pounds to let him speak one time the products name even if he’s not able to pronounce it in the right manner?

Why speaking about the bush?

Yeah! Let’s be straightforward and tell the customer the truth, that this ice cream is just yummy! And to highlite that use a big arrow pointing to the ice cream and write in it the simple fact: ‘Yummy‘ . There’s no need to create unconcious associations when you can have it so easy…



  1. Maddow said,

    Very nice bedroom!!! It#s a shame that you hadn’t this one as I visited you =D
    Greets from Germany

  2. Maddow said,


  3. goverseas said,

    Not any more, but the whole in the wall is stil there…

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