Once again Murphy is right

January 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm (Uncategorized)

What a nice day this is until yet. First I lost my bike to a bar halfway between UCL and my home. Just went into a nice 99 pence shop to look for some tools what they of chorse didn’t have, came out and tried to unlock my bike – negative. Is it the right bike? Positive. Try again – negative. Somehow my nice little lock niced up and i couldn’t open it again, so I can’t use my bike anymore.

Hmm shit happens I thought. Went to a carpenter to buy wood and tools to do-it-myself legs for a table I found in the attic of my house. It’s a fuckin red table, though without legs… But London is not Germany, the “Baumarkt” wonderland. So it was quite hard to find sth. On my way back; don’t forget I was afoot, I decided to try a shorter way home and ended up in nicely circling around the main route which cost me 10 minutes more than the normal way.

OK, don’t worry too much, I thought, finally you are at home and you can build together your tale. After screwing 15 minutes for the first leg I realized that there’s no point in  screwing on cause it was already screwed up! The nice screws were of such bad quality that the cross on top of the screw became a round depression. There was no point to push it further in or get it out again… nice! These bastards could have given me plastic screws and they would have been better than these.                                                                                     Now the table lays on my floor, one leg stretching in the air.

I feel quite depressed now. But I have to go to uni. I don’t know if this is the right day to dare a step out of the house again. A meteorite could slay me or I could be struck by lightning. But wait it’s not even raining.                                                                                                                On the other side there’s Murphy…

P.S. replace every ‘nice’ with ‘fuck(ing)’

EDIT @10 pm:

The day is almost gone and I’m still alive 🙂  I just heard a song from Cat Empire, my favourite one, that cheered me up and made me think again how brilliant it is. Especially the part from 3.57min is godlike!!! It makes you feel a strong urge to move and dance. I’m now alone in the computer cluster room of the UCL, so maybe I will do so ;).

If you guys happen to know other songs that are similar to this, either in way of the genre (gypsie, funk) or better in the way how the whole song develops, beginning quite slow and in the end getting faster and faster before it explodes finally. This question is especially directed to you Martin!   I have big faith in your music proficiency.




  1. maddow said,

    Hey man !!! Cheer up, at least it cannot getting worse =D

  2. Petur said,

    Alder, wie du abgehst. Soviele Einträge. Da werd ich ja ganz neidisch.

    Auf mehr komm ich grad leider auch nicht.Brrrrrad!

  3. Maddow said,

    Hi Gab!

    SChreib mal was neues, ist ja schon ziemlich lang her.
    Schade das du nicht hier bist, wir gehn am Freitag zu Lingua Loca, im Martin zuhören =)
    Er kommt extra nach Deutschland

    Grüß Matze

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