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March 5, 2010 at 2:12 pm (Uncategorized)

Ok ok… in order to entertain matze I will write again something… Well, what to say? Yesterday for example I was in Avatar in the local Odeon Cinema.
First I resisted the mainstream and didn’t want to watch that movie cause it has too much animation for my taste… not quite my cup of tea…
But I was really impressed of it, especially because I watched it in 3D! Had to pay 8.5o pounds for it (student discount included), but it was worth the money… Better than paying 40 pounds for a musical where you understand only 30 % of the lyrics 😦
If you haven’t been to Avatar yet: Go!!!
It reminded me a lot on “Der mit dem Wolf tanzt”, similar topic although the latter is more deep and wiht better drawn characters. The characters in Avatar are somewhat too extreme, just consider the the head of the human militaries.
When I came out of the cinema i wanted to be a big blue Alien, just living in Peace with nature, sticking my pony tail into some wisdom tree or superdragon…

What else?
On Wednesday there was a demonstration at out Uni against educational cuts from which mostly the languages are affected. I didn’t care so much, cause I’m leaving in April and it’s also not my department who is suffering most. But nevertheless i found it right that people resist against the government when it comes to cutbacks in the education system. So, me and Claudio were walking around the main court in search for a place to eat our cake that we found on some table and was left from some charity funding action… It was then when we saw these demonstrators sitting in the gallery, blocking the way and shouting “No Ifs, no Buts, no Education cuts!”, surrounded by security guys. We decided it would be a good place to sit down and eat our cake… Alongside shouting in order not to cause a stir: “No Ifs, no Buts, no education cuts!” mampf mampf… “No Ifs, (mampf) , no education (mampf mampf)!” …
Then a guy, working for some newspaper, came to me and asked me stuff:
“Whats your name? What do you study? Why are you here? Why are you protesting?”
I didn’t tell him I was only looking for some place to eat my cake, instead I told him something like:
“well it’s good to protest against the cuts, although I’m not directly affected by it, since I’m from the earth science department…bla bla… Who knows one day the could also cut money for my department bla bla…”
later claudio told me that he saw a newspaper in the hands of this guy called “the worker” or similar… with obligatory symbols of a hammer and sickle on it.

what else?
i was considering with claudio to plan a trip to wales for 2 or 3 days for some trekking in the mountains…. but since we both have little money to spend, it could just end in talk (im sand verlaufen)…

so far so good.

bye bye till next time


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